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Some PR, some F (29-12-2016, rev. 23-1-2017)
R one-liners for precision, recall and F-score.

Augh-ROC (5-6-2016, rev. 5-6-2016)
Some notes about the AUROC score; its interpretation, flipping issues and the relation with the MWW test.

Nomads (1-5-2016, rev. 26-5-2016)
Nomads, democracy and random forests.

IPv6 (21-3-2016)
What I have learned by joining the IPv6 Internet.

So, you want to optimise something? (29-8-2015)
Some thoughts about the practical aspects of optimisation.

WebGL weather globe (13-8-2015)
Visualising a year of global weather forecasts.

Cardboard container (31-7-2015, rev. 31-7-2015)
Packing Hello World application into a 12KB Docker container.

First post (12-6-2015, rev. 14-6-2015)
Few words about this blog.